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To insure continued access to TMG 9.5, I need a backup DVD

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If this will be the final version of TMG, to assure that I will be able to have continuing access to The Master Genealogist, I must have a physical backup CD/DVD of the software. How can I obtain this backup copy???

I have been using TMG for many years and I am really sorry to see it discontinued. I intend to continue using TMG for as long as I can, but I imagine that Windows will eventually become incompatible with version 9.5. Is there some way to convert my TMG files for use with another Genealogy program? I can't even imagine having to recreate my entire database from scratch!!!

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First your question about a backup copy of the installer. The best, and so far as I know only, way is to make one yourself. Directions are in my article on the Future of TMG.


I too intend to use TMG for as long as possible since I don't currently see any suitable replacement. We know TMG 9 works on Windows 7 and 8, which should provide capability for quite a few years. A couple of users have said they have tested is successfully on beta copies of Windows 10, so that might extend the life of TMG 9.


There is a list on RootsWeb called TMGRefugees which is exploring the issues associated with moving to another program. There is a link to the sign-up page at the bottom of my article linked above.

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