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my house (and my computer, with TMG v8) burned down 3 weeks ago

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I regularly backed my TMG files up onto an external hard drive, but it, too, was lost in the fire. I did have a (primitive) backup to the cloud, which I h*o*p*e saved my TMG data, but I don't know what to do to see if that cloud backup worked. I'm thinking I need to "reacquire" TMG v8 -- I still have the serial number and other information from when I downloaded it online - and thereafter I need to bring down from the cloud the data files. But I don't know what the file extensions are. Does anyone have any advice as to how to "reacquire" TMG v8 (Gold Edition)? And does anyone know what the file extensions would be for my TMG data files, so that I may check the cloud backup to see if they are there?

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Wow! That's rough. I'm sorry to hear that.


The good news is you can recover the program since you have the serial number. You can download the installer from the Upgrade Center on this website. Be sure to choose the one for TMG 8 since that's what your serial number is for. You can then install it and enter your serial number.


What you are looking for on your cloud backup depends on whether you backed up TMG backups, or the actual project files.


The backup will have an extension of ".sqz" and by default a file name something like this: Terrys Main 2015-01-29 10-43-42.sqz, where the first part will be the name of your Project, and the numbers the date and time the backup was created. If that exists it will most likely be the surest way to restore your project.


If you backed up the actual project files you are looking for something like 100 files, all starting with the name of your Project, an underscore, a letter, and mostly the extensions dbf and fpt, but also a small file with the extension pjc which contains the "keys" to the others.


Good luck!

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