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pdf print to file hangs

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Report, Save to, File type .pdf writes the file name and hangs. Wholly Genes writer 4 is listed under printers, nothing in the queue. Can't remove the file as it is reported to be in use until I use Task Manager to end print driver host for applications.

Tried uninstalling / installing printer from File, Printer setup and from TMG9, pdf, pdfinstall.exe but I go round in ever decreasing circles.

And all I wanted to do was send someone a small compressed pedigree.

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One possible issue is cdintf400.dll not being properly registered. Running the TMG installer and selecting [Repair] should fix that. Try this first. (I can also tell you how to manually register the DLL but that shouldn't be necessary.)




Here's another known issue that results in hung PDF output and the fix.


CAUSE: When the driver is installed, it creates a local port called
"NUL:" (if one doesn't already exist) and assigns the PDF printer to it.
If there is a port called "nul:" (or any capitalization other than all
upper), then Windows won't let the installer create "NUL:" so it assigns
the printer instead to LPT1 - and that will cause printing to hang. (At
least one product, called OneNote, is known to create a port called "nul:")
SOLUTION: Have the user access Control Panel > Printers, right-click on
the Wholly Genes PDF printer, and choose "Printer Properties" (NOT
"Properties"). Then go to the Ports tab, unselect "LPT1:", and select
"nul:" (or however it is capitalized).

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Thank you Jim for your unfailing help as usual. I had to resolve both issues to get the pdf printer to work.



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