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Well it is Spring and time to upgrade and I just learned Wholly Genes' upgrades, etc are discontinued. I'm sorry to read that. I've been using TMG for 18 years. It is a godsend and I'm not sure I will ever buy a new computer again and lose the use of my 9.05 database.


My question: The upper right had box opposite the "Name-Father-Mother" box does not show a count or other information for the following (all of them): Reference, Children, Soundex, Tag count, age, last edited.


Where did it go and how do I get the "Type" contents back?

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Why should you lose the use of your v9.05 project? Download the installer from the pinned topic at the top of this forum and archive that and your registration information by writing it to a CD for the future.


Check the .PJC file in your project folder with a text editor. Towards the end of the file, you'll find this section.


Selected4=Last edited/Y
Selected5=Tag count/Y
(The order just happens to be the order that I use. You can change that in TMG.)
If the [Otherinfobox] box is damaged or missing, use the above example to repair it.
The other possibility is that the OtherInfo right column has been moved out of sight to the right. If you maximize the program to full screen, you might be able to see the column and move it to the left.
Another approach is to edit the layout file and set the Other Info values as follows...
The layout file will have the name that you gave it with a filetype of .LO. The file is in the user program data folder. You can open the folder from the Help / Access Folders menu.
Edited by Jim Byram

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I used notepad.


I tried the last approach with the new values. It made the "Type" box blank with no visible choices. Certain that I did something wrong.


I copied and pasted the original [Otherinfobox]. It recovered the original tags.


I am able to move the left column, but not the "Type" or otherinfobox right column.


My screen when enlarged is about 2/3 [Name/Father/Mother] and the Type box is the remaining third. It is still has the categories, but no values and seems to be ample space (or more or less what is was a few days ago)


I kind of liked seeing if there was someone there not edited since 1997. It is not critical that I have the Otherinfobox, but ....


I do have the original cd purchased last March. Would re-installing it solve my problem?


Also another question. What is the latest and last version of Windows useable for TMG 9.05? I'm currently using Windows 7 (I think).



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Oops! I had three lines above that should not have been included. Fixed that. You did edit the correct .LO file?


Reinstalling the program will have no effect on the OtherInfoBox settings. This is a settings issue and the files with the settings have nothing to do with the program installation.


TMG9 runs on the current technical preview of Windows 10 so it should run on Windows 10 when it is released.


If you send me your layout file, I'll check it. You can contact me by email by clicking the link below...

Jim Byram

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Gail -


Note that the Type column is a separately controlled column. Look carefully for the lefthand vertical line of that column - as in the video (link below) showing how to move that column to the left when it is hidden.



You can also see in the images below the left column line of the values column when that column is hidden or in view (click on images to view full size). If you can see that bit of the line, you can grab it with your mouse and move the column to the left and into view.







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