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I've always used TMG as a sort of backup for a lot of my pictures whether they be jpg photos or jpg scanned documents. My reasoning being that if I use external exhibits, when I get a new computer I have to make sure that the folder structure is identical to the old computer. So I read up in the TMG manual about internal exhibits and started using it. Back in December all of a sudden when I do my data backup I get a box that says Program Error with a yellow triangle ! and the box says Invalid path or file name (cancel - ignore- help).


I select Ignore 27 times. This started after I added a lot of Exhibits to people. I did a restore back to the backup just prior to advent of these errors and the backups worked normal until I added the Exhibits again. The log file does not record these errors that I can find. Also, when I go look at the people that received the exhibits, they are all there. My backup is close to 1.5gb in size. 22k+ people. I originally had 33 txt files that came up missing over the years but the backups never showed errors. It is only these 27 new missing files that now show the error.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate on a quadcore system with 8gb of RAM. I have run Optimize and Reindex and Validate File Integrity with no change.

Dale Savell
Aiken, SC

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As I indicated in my earlier reply, inserting graphic images as Internal exhibits is a bad idea, which I explain in my book:



I would highly recommend using the TMG Utility program which can extract all your Internal exhibits and make them External. See:


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