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Problem with ancestor chart

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When using the ancestor chart in version 8, in one of my lines at a certain point no matter which person I pick as the focus person they are the only persons that show up on the chart. They also do not show up as ancestors on their descendants, ancestor charts. On the descendant chart their descendents show up. The only include persons with this flag value is not chosen. Max generations makes no difference, threshold makes no difference. The only difference I find with these people is they have a reference number. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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Not sure if your problem is similar to one I had. At your "certain point" is it possible that you have multiple possible ancestor relationships from that point? Just to check, in Version 8, under the Tools menu select "Relationship Calculator". Enter the person at the start of your chart and the person at the "certain point", then "Calculate". If the calculator shows multiple relationships you "might" have the same problem I found.


I observed if there are two relationships between two people the Relationship Calculator shows the two relationships, but depending upon the point of view the calculator reports one of them from the reverse perspective. Alternatively, run a Relationship Chart with the "Closest relationship only" option unchecked for the same two people where the Relationship Calculator reported two relationships. The Relationship Chart reports only one relationship. The chart itself has two relationship lines, but both lines show the same one relationship.


Does this reflect what you are seeing? If so, this bug was reported and fixed in Version 9.05. That does not help you with Version 8, but may be useful to know.


If this is not the same as your problem, please explain further.

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