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Brenda Howard

What program out there will support TMG 6.12?

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I did not realize TMG was no longer available until a couple of months ago. I haven't been very active in genealogy.

When I downloaded Windows 10, I realized I could no longer go into TMG as it was locked. My son worked on the program and I am now able to go into the program and add data, etc.. Now I am wondering when we upgrade to Windows 11, etc. in the future, will I have the same problem? Does anyone know if there is a genealogy program out there that will import all of my TMG data and not lose anything? Any help would be appreciated.

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The short answer is no.


The more complete answer is that how much you will lose depends a lot on how you have used TMG, which features you used, and which replacement program you choose if you decide to change programs. The TMGRefuges list on Rootsweb is probably the best source for information about transferring to other programs.


Several programs now have direct import features which should cause the minimum data loss possible with each program. However you should inquire whether they can import from TMG 6 since there have been several changes in TMGs file formats since then. You may want to consider updating to TMG 9. At last report there were still serial numbers available from two sources.


You may find my article on The Future for TMG Users helpful.

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