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I have a 8000+ TMG database, with Windows 10 & would like to Make a GEDCOM to Ancestry

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I seem to have transfered my TMG to Windows 10, but right now I have to do the following to get into the program. I push the button on the desktop, and it starts up. Then, it says it is a newer product or version, and I can't select the top button that I want (last person I worked with), so I push the OK button, and up comes the program but I can't select the last project, so I push the red X at the top, and up comes the selection I wanted. But, quite a few of the selections are greyed out, but I see that the GEDCOM button is missing completely. That is the part I would use to send to Ancestry. Any help is greatly appreciated. Doris Kukuk



Doris, I've moved your post to the proper section from the Tips section. Terry Reigel

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