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Married Surnames/Adopted Surnames have disappeared

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Hello Folk:


I'm using Master Genealogist Gold Edition, v.9.01.0000. Just minutes ago, I was entering data, when all of a sudden, every married woman's married surname disappeared, and the adopted surnames of people also disappeared. They are all still listed when I hit F2 (Picklist of people); for example, my Mother's Maiden name was Johnson, and her married surname was Ward; I can look her up and find her using either surname via F2, but on the details screen her married surname has disappeared! No idea why. I've checked every single "preference", etc., but no clue.


Ideas? Anything appreciated.


I've entered quite a bit of data today and don't really want to have to do a restore, if at all possible.





(Robert Ward)

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At the top left of the main Tag Box do you see "Filtered" in red? If so, right-click on any tag in that box. About half way down in the menu that appears is "Filter for..." Choose that item, and on the sub-menu that appears click on whichever item is checked.

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