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TMG8 crashes on startup

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When trying to open TMG v.8 in Windows 10, it crashes during the startup.

The registercontrol.log shows:

Amyuni PDF Converter
21-05-16, 11:27:08 1) Location "C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\THE MASTER GENEALOGIST V8\PDF\"
21-05-16, 11:27:08 >Test for "CDINTF400". Error : "OLE error code 0x80040111: ClassFactory cannot supply requested class."
21-05-16, 11:27:08 debug 2>found C:\WINDOWS\system32\CDINTF400.DLL
21-05-16, 11:27:08 1>Registration CDINTF400
21-05-16, 11:27:08 !>Unknown error during OCX registration! C:\WINDOWS\system32\CDINTF400.DLL
21-05-16, 11:27:08 > CDINTF400.DLL, CDINTFEX.CDINTFEX.4 - FAIL


Help is very much appreciated.

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