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"Unknown Repository Address" in output

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I am receiving this in journal reports and ind. narrative reports. I have checked that the address is entered, correctly typed, marked as primary, and the element is present on the output screen, but neither the preview nor the report output pick up the address, instead printing "unknown repository address ".


Ex. a familysearch census citation full footnote reads: 1860 U.S. census, Clayton County, Iowa, population schedule, [CD2], [CD1]; digital image, FamilySearch (unknown repository address : accessed [CD3]); citing NARA microfilm publication M653, roll number 315<; [CM]>.

yet the web address is included on the repository detail screen.


This is my FF template: [CENSUS ID], [COUNTY], [sTATE]<, [sCHEDULE]>, [CD2], [CD1]; digital image, [iTAL:][REPOSITORY][:ITAL] ([REPOSITORY ADDRESS] : accessed [CD3]); citing NARA microfilm publication [FILM NUMBER]<, roll number [ROLL NUMBER]><; [CM]>.


And I have entered the address, https://familysearch.org/, as addressee detail on the repository definition screen. And this seems to be a new problem; in the past this has occurred when my repository has not been marked as primary.


Hoping someone has experienced and solved this issue. Thank you. Danielle

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I assume that the Family Search site address was the only entry in the address area and that it was entered just as you posted -- that is, without any characters setting off the address such as curly brackets or dashes. These would tell TMG that the address should be excluded or is sensitive and should not be printed (absent the selection to print in the Report Definition Screen [Options] window Miscellaneous tab.




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