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Opening TMG v6 project in TMG v9 for transfer to RootsMagic

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A user (Nancy L) who had not opened her TMG v6 project for several years had trouble with TMG v6 opening on her old computer recently contacted the RUG for help. She finally got it to work (temporarily, using a trial version of TMG v6) but wants to try transferring it to a program that runs on the Mac she has been using for awhile now. She tried opening the project in TMG v9 and got the below error.


Does she need to move the project to TMG v9 for the direct import to RootsMagic to work or will RM do a direct import from TMG v6? If she does need to move it over to TMG v9.05 (a trial version), she cannot just "open" it, right. Can she "restore" it or does she need to "import" it? I am not sure what the distinction is for these two terms either.



Jan Rodriguez

VP Arlington RUG


Here's the latest...

I installed the latest v9 version of TMG and restored my project, however, when I attempted to open it, I got the following message, "Invalid subscript reference. 4511 ATTRROLES

This is so frustrating.


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RootsMagic will not import a TMG6 project.


Run maintenance (optimize, validate file integrity, optimize) in TMG6 before making the backup and make the backup and try to restore that in v9.05.


I have no idea what the error is but can take a look at the v6 project if the backup is sent to me. I can be contacted by email by clicking on the link below...

Jim Byram

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