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Ver 7.04. Gold- Move to new program?

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Back to genealogy after 10 years break-- find it discontinued. Have Ver 7.04.000 Reading online about what to do but I'm tech-challenged. Would like to move it to a new program. Tried to download and install latest version. Failed so opened with Ver 7.04.00 just now and looks OK. I do have my serial number. Can I go directly to a new program? What's a good one to take all my 2400 sources?


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It helps to check the existing topics since your questions have been answered multiple times.


You might also want to read the posts on the TMG-Refugees mail list.



After doing that, if you have specific questions, please ask.


TMG v9.05 is available if that's what you want to do.


And TMG users have moved to RootsMagic, Family Historian and Legacy and fewer to other programs. It depends what you really want.

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