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Ann Shepherd

TMG on Windows 10 - User a/c folder - Documents in partitioned drive

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Hello all


My laptop with Windows 7 has a dying hard drive and I have a new laptop with Windows 10 which I’m stuck with as I can’t get Win 7 here anywhere. I suspected this was happening so am fine with backups etc. My problems are all with trying to set up Windows 10 so that TMG, Second Site etc work with it properly. This PC is solely for my genealogy.


I've read Terry's TMG Tips about moving to a new computer but the problems I'm having are Windows 10/TMG interaction ones.


I’d appreciate some guidance from the list about ….

  1. How do I get my user folder to become ‘Ann’ to match the one on my old computer so that TMG paths will be the same?
  2. What do I do to move 'Documents' from the C drive to the D drive? (Meaning my local documents folder I believe, not One drive documents folder)
  3. If I do these things will TMG be able to operate on Windows 10 using my ‘old’ file paths in preferences?
  4. Can I move 'The Master Genealogist 9' folder that was set up when I installed TMG - from One Drive to the local Documents folder (C or D?)


So far ....

Laptop has been partitioned into C (478 GB) and D drive (460 GB). I’d like to keep programs on c and data on D, subject to any restrictions.


I had a geekservice person here to help me and he changed the automatic user name Windows 10 had given me to make it the same user name as my old computer (‘Ann’) so that file paths in TMG/CrashPlan etc can stay the same. Problem is that the name has changed to my old user name under Control Panel\Users (and its labelled Local and Administrator) but in the C:drive user folder it’s still the completely new user name, ‘annmc’ - not chosen by me, and not the same as the one (‘Ann’) under Control Panel/User. This will mess up my TMG paths if I want to keep them the same, which I do, and is already messing up my CrashPlan, Dropbox and who knows what else.


I tried changing the name of my user account in the registry ProfileList, following instructions on a posting in the Microsoft community ('Rename User Account Folder in Windows 10 Preview' - but also repeated in later forums and online technical pages). However this created a new separate local user with no access to all the data and software I've transferred to the new computer. It also warned me that nothing would be saved etc etc. So I returned to the restore point I'd just created and my user account folder is still 'annmc'.


So my Question 1 is ...

Could someone point me to instructions please on how to change my user folder name, retaining administrator access and access to TMG, Exhibits and all the things I've moved to the new computer?


Question 2 ...

In Preferences I wanted to point TMG reports, backups, etc to the D:drive – same folder paths as I have now – BUT this is where I can’t remember how I set it up. Most of the file paths in my existing TMG setup are to ‘D:\Users\Ann\Documents’ but at the moment my Documents folder is on the C drive (as per the original setup for this new computer). As mentioned there are two Documents folders on the C drive - one pointing to One Drive and one local.


Question 3 ...

Have installed TMG which has automatically gone into the Programs (86) folder. HOWEVER the folder for The Master Genealogist 9 has gone into the Documents folder on One Drive. I didn't realise this until trying to sort out why I had 2 documents folders on my C drive. I still don't understand this properly but by viewing libraries it's possible to see the two folders - one pointing to One Drive and the other local on the PC. Can I just move the TMG( folder to the local Documents folder? (As I understand it this folder has to stay on the C drive - but I can save my TMG data on the D drive, which is what I've been doing to date.)


Thanks in advance



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