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Is it possible to add a universal tag or note to a TMG project? I don't see a way to do this in TMGU, but I may be missing something. My intent is to post a bare bones (BDM) tree to sites like Ancestry and MyHeritage but provide a link to my SS website for full details, sources, photos, etc. I know I can use their profile pages for this, and I have already done that, but I would really like the website referral to be front and center whenever someone views a person page on those sites.


Thank you for any suggestions.



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Yes, it's possible to add tag to everyone, but doing so in a way that produces anything useful after it is processed by the receiving site is pretty difficult. After some experimentation I found a way to do that for Ancestry, but found it easier to add it to the GEDCOM after it is created than from a Tag in TMG. The problem is Ancestry doesn't process information from Tags in a way that makes that useful.


For details about how I did it see my article on Uploading Your Data to a Public Site.


I didn't try to put a link in but instead referred the reader to Ancestry's "Owner" link. I don't know whether Ancestry would allow a direct link to an outside site.


I've not tried to do this with other sites so don't know whether the same approach will work. I doubt that this particular method will because Ancestry does some strange things with uploaded tags.

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