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Find a Grave Source Warning messages

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Started using FindAGrave source template and have gotten the following 'warning' messages overtime I access it:


Full Footnote Unrecognized Command [Camera Crew]


Full Footnote Unrecognized Source Element: [Online viewing Date]


Full Footnote Unrecognized Source Element [source Number].


My full footnote is::


[NAME OF PERSON], Tombstone Record<. Submitted to FindaGrave.com by [CAMERA CREW]>< [DATE]><. Viewed online on [ONLINE VIEWING DATE]><. Located online at [REPOSITORY INFO]><, [CD]><. Hereinafter cited as [sHORT TITLE]>: Tombstone Image<, [sOURCE NUMBER]>.



How can I get these elements recognized?



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It looks like you have not defined these elements. This is not a standard Source Type, and these Elements are not standard Source Elements.


Defining them is simple enough, but you need to take care that you do not assign them to Groups that are used elsewhere in the same Source Type. One way to do that is to open a Source Definition using this Source Type and click on the name of the Element on the General tab. You will then be offered only Groups not already in use.


To understand more about Source Elements and Groups you may find my article Working with Source Elements and Groups helpful.

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