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Anhentafel Report gives Errors

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When I try to create an Ahnentafel - Direct Line report I get errors like
"ErrorMarker: Variable 'MEMO' is not found. 703 R_AHNENTAFEL"
for variables MEMO and NAME. If I turn off SOURCE in the report options it does not happen. I have tried all the options under maintenance but that did not clear the problem. I am running 9.04


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That suggests that one source has a bad memo in the .fpt table. If you can pin it down to one person, that would help. Since you are using a Ahnentafel - Direct line, the number of people are limited to a handful to start with.


If you can get it pinned down and send me the project, I can probably fix it. This must be fixed hands-on and cannot be fixed by any sort of maintenance routine. Only the project files are required. In other words, do a project-only backup and only select the project files for the backup.


You can contact me by email by clicking on the link below.

Jim Byram

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