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Moody Miles

Visual Chart Form Error - End of List

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I'm getting the following Error from VCF:


ERROR Reading Individual's Name


Error Number=1

Error Message=End of List


I'm trying to generate a 13 Generation Ancestral Box Chart (Pedigree type) containing about 500 names and I'm getting the above error message. Once VCF completes the Box Chart it is about 20 ft long and 18 inches high, the first 12 Generations look good, but the boxes in the 13th Generation are empty. I reported a similar problem about 10 years ago and was told it was probably a memory problem. At this point I'm running Windows 10, have 16GB of RAM, with an i7 processor, so I'd assume I now have enough Memory. My TMG database contains about 95,000 names and runs very smoothly. When I use Second Site to generate my MilesFiles web page, several off the Descendant Box charts have over 20,000 names in them. Of course I realize they are not being generated by TMG.


Any suggestions?


M.K. Miles

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Hi M. K. Miles,


I can quickly think of at least 2 reasons why you may get this result.


(1) It is likely that the indexing of some database table has become corrupted. Can you produce the list of People Report for the focus group of the person and all their relatives? If this fails then run the File > Maintenance > Reindex, etc and try again.


(2) You have run up against some constraint in the GenBridge code that Visual Chartform uses to interrogate the TMG project database.


In my experience, such a chart should not fail. I have produced charts that are more generations and much wider (up to 300 ft) and involving several 1000 persons from VCF.


Please report back,


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Thanks for your help.


I'm not using a focus group for the person I'm trying to make the Pedigree Box Chart for. I ran "Reindex" and tried it again and it stop filing in the boxes after 12 generations.


M.K. Miles

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M.K. Miles


i had the same problem and did the following


file>maintenance>validate file integrity




then i went to the options" tab of the report i wanted and double checked that the "Max # Generations" was set to the number i wanted. in my case that was 17 generations and everything went without any problem



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The use of the maintenance routines is always a good idea if problems pop up. However your sequence is not the one recommended.


FIRST do file>maintenance>optimize

(optimize will also do a reindex, so that separate action is not required)


THEN do file>maintenance>validate file integrity


IF the VFI produces any errors, repeat the above two steps.


Finally, after VFI produces no errors do one last file>maintenance>optimize


That should clean most everything up. (This is also a good time to do a Backup.)


Hope this helps,

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