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TMG8.08 vs TMG8.02

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I have TMG8.08 on my desktop where I do my research and archived my data file. I tried to restore that data file to my laptop and got the msg that it came from a later version of TMG and would not work. Sure enough my laptop says TMG8.02. How do I make the 8.02 into 8.08 on my laptop? I have the TMG8 CD and S/N.

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Download the TMG v8.08 installer here...



I'd uninstall the TMG v8.02 program, delete the TMG8 program folder, delete the TMG8 installer folder, and do a clean install of v8.08.


The folders to delete are...

"C:\Program Files (x86)\The Master Genealogist v8"

"C:\ProgramData\The Master Genealogist v8 Installer"


This will not affect the three TMG8 data folders. They will be intact after the reinstall process.

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