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When TMG support ended, I transferred my information to FTM and linked to ancestry.com. Yesterday I bought TMG v9.05. How can I import my information back to TMG with the media? I've tried exporting in several formats, but not able to import into TMG.






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You should save from FTM to a FTM 2008/2009 format and do a direct import to TMG of that. The media links are imported using this method. This is the best method available to get the most FTM data into TMG.


Otherwise, you'll need to make a GEDCOM from either Ancestry or FTM. and you need to see which of those transfers the most data. Whether the media is linked is something that you will need to determine by experimenting.

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I am trying to download my FTM backup copy too but the extension doesn't seem to be right for TMG. It wants .FBK and mine shows as .ftmb which gets ejected. I tried a GEDCOM but it didn't like that either. Then I went to Legacy and exported from there. It worked... kinda sorta... it stopped about 3/4 of the way thru saying something about a .dll error and wanted something else that I'm not familiar with.


ANY HELP would be appreciated. I've tried changing the extension but it keeps adding the .ftmb on it. Grrrrrrr


My fiance has raved about TMG and found the link about the new version coming out... SOMETIME.. Any hopes of soon? I found and downloaded the trial version and may buy it IF it's still available. We're muddling thru with Roots Magic 7, Legacy 9, FTM 2017 version and Family Tree Builder. NONE do what he wants them to do except an outdated TMG version from the 90s when he first started using it. He paid for a Gold version but, of course, it doesn't do much anymore.







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TMG development and sales ended about three years ago. The last TMG version, v9.05, was released 3 Dec 2014.


TMG9 is still the most well-designed genealogy database manager that you can use. And TMG v9.05 will import from a FTM 2008/2009 backup (.FTMB).


See this topic for a download link and information on how to buy a TMG9 license.


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