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Pat Nichols

Locked out serial number not working

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Hi,  I have not tried to use TMG 9.05 in a while.  I have some new data to add, but am in Read Only mode again.  The serial number is not working.  I no longer have an email that has the number, but tried to copy it correctly after entering and exiting multiple times.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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Your registration information must be correct. It consists of your first name, last name, email address and registration code exactly as received in the registration email that you received from Wholly Genes. If you need your registration information, please write support@whollygenes.com.

You need to enter your registration information two ways.

1) Enter the data when running normally as a Standard User.

2) Enter the data running as administrator. Right-click on the TMG shortcut and select 'Run as administrator'. Enter your registration information and then exit TMG after unlocking.




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3 hours ago, Pat Nichols said:

How long does it take for support to answer?  


It may take a while. Remember, the TMG business is closed and there are no support people there anymore. At last report, another employee occasionally looks at serial number requests. 

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