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Jim Byram

Second Site 7 Released

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John Cardinal wrote:

Second Site Version 7.00 is now available. It includes a couple new Formats and some other important changes.

This is the first paid upgrade for Second Site since February 2016, more than two years and a dozen releases ago. It's been about four years since TMG was discontinued, and as expected the TMG user base has shrunk. That means the Second Site user base has also shrunk. I am still using TMG, and so I am willing and able to keep supporting Second Site. However, I need your support. If you want Second Site to remain available, you should purchase this upgrade.

The newsletter link is here:


You can download the installer here:


The upgrade price for Second Site 6 customers is $15.00 USD. New customers and customers whose most-recent license is for Second Site 5 or previous must purchase the full-price license for Second Site 7 for $35.00 USD.

There is no difference between the installer programs for the full version license and the upgrade license. The only difference is the cost of the license.

Customers who purchased the full version of Second Site 6 on or after April 1, 2018 qualify for a free license for Second Site 7. That license has already been sent via email. Contact me if you think you qualify but you have not received your Second Site 7 license information.

To purchase a license for Second Site 7, start on the Second Site home page:


Click one of the links in the "How to Buy Second Site" box in the upper-right of that page.


You do not have to use the right-click, "Run as Administrator" method to start the installer for v7.00. You may be warned that the installer is not from a trusted source. You can ignore that warning. If you have any trouble installing, please contact me.


Publishing Your Work

If you'd like to publish your site online, please choose Family History Hosting. We'll help you understand and navigate the process of acquiring a domain name and publishing your site. The Publish command in Second Site makes publishing easy! Family History Hosting is now offering long-term hosting plans: check it out!



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