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Can I search for text in memo field?

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Sometimes I run across a name or a place name in my research that I am SURE I have placed in a project somewhere, probably in the memo field, if the person doesn't connect to any of my individuals immediately. Then, is it possible to search the entire project for that elusive name, a person who has not been added as a new individual?? Thanks in advance for any help.

Anita Tally

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Sure you can, Anita,

To find all events which contain the search text, use a filtered List of Events report.  For example, if you were looking for the text GWORP, one of your filter conditions would be:

Memo // Contains // GWORP

You can also further restrict the report with other filter conditions.  Use appropriate output columns to specify the Principals of each event and appropriate columns to identify each specific event.

Alternatively to simply find people who have any event with this search text, use a filtered Project Explorer.  A filter condition could be:

Any Event... // Memo // Contains // GWORP

That will find people with such an event, but will not tell you which of their events has this memo text.


Hope this gives you ideas,

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To find individuals with a memo containing a certain word or sequence of words I am using a List of Events with the following filter:

Memo contains [?] AND

Principal 1... Surname  =Equals [?] END

The filter generates a report showing all individuals of a certain surname that have have the word or sequence of words in any memo.


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