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  1. I have several exhibits that are pdf format (these are external exhibits), and when I go to the exhibit log for an individual, I am unable to open the file from within the exhibit log. What am I missing? I can open all other file extensions from within the exhibit log, like .jpg, docx, etc. I have tried "right click -- view, edit" on the pdfs -- and that doesn't work either. Thanks in advance for your help! Anita Tally Kansas City, MO
  2. Accents - Confusion

    Help! I haven't used the program in a while and I have forgot how to use accents. Example: I have "cleaned" and "uncleaned" to help me determine who are new people in my project who I need to confirm and "clean up." But I have forgotten how to change the value from N to Y on that person so that the color changes. Can you help! Anita Tally
  3. Sometimes I run across a name or a place name in my research that I am SURE I have placed in a project somewhere, probably in the memo field, if the person doesn't connect to any of my individuals immediately. Then, is it possible to search the entire project for that elusive name, a person who has not been added as a new individual?? Thanks in advance for any help. Anita Tally
  4. TMG crashes when attempting to load.

    A follow-up - I have v9 installed on my laptop as well as my desktop. The problem with the missing v9 folder is on my laptop. I did the fix on my desktop just now, and it worked like a charm! Thanks! Still need help figuring out where the heck my v9 went on my laptop. :/ Anita Tally
  5. TMG crashes when attempting to load.

    I woke up to this problem - and I have a new twist. I followed all the instructions to write the exception, BUT when I browsed to the v9 exe file, I could not find it - instead I found v8, which I replaced with v9 many months ago, but there was no exe file in the v8 folder. I went back to my TMG program to assure myself that I DO have v9 (9.05). Can someone help? Anita Tally
  6. I sure hope this works! I have been wondering for some time now why this was happening. It was a nuisance! Thanks! Anita
  7. HELP! I tried to install the updated and there was an error, and now I cannot open it - I tried to repair it, and I inadvertently uninstalled the program. Can anyone help? I have my email confirmation for the purchase when I upgraded from V8 to V9, and I have the unlock code.
  8. Regarding custom flags - I have an idea to flag all the people in my project who were alive in 1940 and then locating them in the 1940 census to update or corroborate information, etc. Is this the best process for this task? My only experience in flags is with the entire project being flagged after importing from another program, for clean-up purposes. I am still working on that task! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Anita Tally