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Using PDFs in Exhibits

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I have several exhibits that are pdf format (these are external exhibits), and when I go to the exhibit log for an individual, I am unable to open the file from within the exhibit log. What am I missing? I can open all other file extensions from within the exhibit log, like .jpg, docx, etc.  I have tried "right click -- view, edit" on the pdfs  -- and that doesn't work either. Thanks in advance for your help!

Anita Tally

Kansas City, MO

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A PDF is a document file and like all document files (.PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, etc.) can be added to the exhibit log and can be viewed with an associated external application by clicking [View/Edit] or by right-clicking on the exhibit and selecting View/Edit. TMG has no internal support to view/edit such documents.

If you are trying to use a PDF as an image file in TMG, that won't work since a PDF is not an image file but rather a document containing an image and can't be viewed by the image library in TMG. For this reason, a PDF file can't be used as the primary image for a person.


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