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reduces space between lines when doing descendants chart

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I looked through the forum and found my post on descendants chart. this is different


If I take my first ancestor and do a chart for my family for example it is too wide to fit into a book.

It is not really important because my typesetter will change this. I am leaving it in Word. .

I want to know how to change the  space between the lines. Now Virginia did an example but this chart is nothing like mine which has a line directly from each

descendant. For example mine has 6 lines in the first page on and seven on page two and then it reduces. The next family member has one less. She mentioned changing the pixels

but I cant see how I can do this in word.  I don't want and image.I want to reduce them just a bit. .If it is too hard I will leave it to my typesetter.


Many thanks. I don't want to send the charts.

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Hello Jim


No I am asking about descendant indented chart , not box.  I can see more options when I put in indented cart but can't see anything about lines. I thought I could alter them.

Perhaps it is something in Word I can do. But I am going to leave it to the typesetter. He has since told me to change margins and he will do the rest..

Yes Virginia answered about lines. But that was  a long time ago.



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By default, the line spacing is one line, the minimum. Adjusting the paragraph formatting in Word is the best way to do this.

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