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John Cordes

Probable corrupted project

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I am posting on behalf of a correspondent, a long-time TMG user (name and contact info below). He has tried repeatedly to subscribe to the Forum but has been unable to do so. He writes:

"When I attempt to open my main project a message window appears with the message “[name of project].PJC does not appear to be a valid PJC file". The project will not open. I can restore a backup but when I exit the restored project and try to reopen I see the same message. Is there a way to repair the corrupted project?"

 My understanding is that this is on Win 7, TMG version 9.04 [which I think has been updated very recently to 9.05 but with no change in behaviour as far as I know].

Basically the same question was posted to the TMG mailing list a week ago, but nothing useful has appeared in response.

I know that a standard question will be: are there any cloud programs running which may be monitoring the TMG project files? There are no cloud backup programs on the system, as such, but Dropbox is on the machine. Details on whether there is any possible 'collision' between folders monitored by Dropbox and the TMG files are still being looked into. The TMG problem has only appeared very recently.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Any direct messages could be sent to David Allen <davidg.allen@ns.sympatico.ca>, or to me, or we should both be able to read any responses on the Forum.


John Cordes


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Saw your post on the mail list earlier.

The description sounds like real-time corruption by a cloud, backup or antivirus/anti-malware program.

I'll write David to request the current project to examine.



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