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1950 Census Candidates Flag

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I wish to set up a flag to help research the 1950 Census when it made available.  I think I can find some of the Enumeration Districts using  One-Step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse  I am thinking something like this for the Flag

1950 Census Candidates

N - Died before 1940, born after 1940 or other exclusion criteria 
Y - Could be
E - Enumeration district found for 1950
4 - Have 1940 Census Record
5 - Found 1950 Census Record
Note I have a tag for 1940 Census.  My problem today is I don't see a way to create the list of candidates in Project Explorer that is the Y's

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Just saw this topic. Sorry about the delayed response.

For the 1940 census, I started with people who I had found in the 1930 census and eliminated people with an existing Census1940 tag or a Death tag before 1940. I ran a List of People (LoP) filter to people and used this criteria:

( Census1930            | # of Tags | > Is greater than   | 0    |   OR
  Witnessed Census1930  | # of Tags | > Is greater than   | 0    | ) AND
  Census1940            | # of Tags | = Equals            | 0    |   AND
  Witnessed Census1940  | # of Tags | = Equals            | 0    |   AND

( Death Group           | # of Tags | = Equals            | 0    |   OR
  Death Group           | Year      | >= Is not less than | 1940 | ) END

You have to be careful with the parens and with the AND/OR terms. Oh, and update it for 1940 / 1950 instead of 1930 / 1940.

It won't catch everyone, but it highlights a lot of good candidates. After adding Census1940 tags, I could rerun the filter to select people who still did not have a Census1940 tag. I didn't have to add a "Candidate" tag to keep track of my progress, I let the actual 1940 Census tag do that.

You'd still have to search for people who immigrated to the US in the 1940s, or people you did not find in 1940. People who were born in the 1940s will often be in households that were found in 1940, but not all of them. Again, this is intended to catch the easier candidates.

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thank you.  I came up with something like this and now have about 250 Primary people that I have and idea of there EDs.  This should keep me busy until some Index by names comes out. the One-Step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse is a fine set of tools

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