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Moving Parallels to new computer

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If you have experience with moving your Parallels virtual machine to a new computer, would you contact me off list?


To keep this TMG related, I run v9.05 and have a new computer. Hoping to make the experience of setting it up as painless as possible and get back to the business of updating my TMG database.


Thanks so much!

Robin in Short Pump

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Sorry for my delayed response, I had a houseguest this weekend.

We found several different documents on the Parallels site giving slightly different advice. So that's why we were confused and unsure of how to go about it. There was a "moving vs. copying" the pvm file conundrum and I chose the moving option which was apparently the right call.

We ended up copying the windows 7.pvm file via our network from the old machine to the new one. We then upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10. I initially got an error message when trying to open TMG 9.05, something typically cryptic which led me to believe it was having an issue with the display driver that Parallels installed, but I just tried again and TMG opened without any problems.

Thanks for your help!


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