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Hard Disk Crash

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My hard disk drive crashed last year and I desperately need to recover one or two projects I have in TMG v 9. I found some backup files (*.sqz) but they ar too old to contain recent work. I have a program to find and possibly restore lost files. I have found the file names with *.dbf, *.ftp and */cdx. All of these have extended characters beyond the basic file name used. 

Is there any way to recover the data from these files?


Nick Weedman

Flat Rock, NC


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A TMG project database consists of 48 files.

1 .PJC file

29 .DBF files

18 .FPT files

The project can be recovered only if you can retrieve all 48 files.

A single file is of little value although some useful things could be done.

You could recover the _$.DBF file (the person table) and open it and sort by the user ID (the 6th column). When those user IDs are compared to the person table from a backup, you could determine how many people have been added since the backup.

You could then use the person ID (the 1st column) for those missing people to recover the names of the missing people from the _N.DBF file (the name table) assuming that it was recovered.

This is considerable work and not something undertaken without proper tools although these steps could be accomplished using Excel. Ultimately, you would still need to add all of the missing data to the project backup that you restored going person-by-person from the sources as was originally done.

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