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Program Lockup

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I didn’t see my specific problem in the other “locked” problems, so I’ll address my problem here.  Yesterday, I was working on a person, editing a tag.  I had to leave it abruptly, and it was running all night in that mode.  Today I went to continue to use it and it is locked up.  Apparently it was backed up to a zip read only file.  How did that happen if I didn’t do that?  How can I fix it?  This program is on a computer that never goes on line for anything other than updates.  I have another computer for on-line use.  Can any one give me directions on how to fix this?

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It is unclear what you mean by "locked up".  Can you provide a copy of any error message you got?  What messages make you believe it was backed up to a "zip read only file"?  You asked: "How did that happen if I didn’t do that?".  Is it possible you have some background program, like OneDrive, which is automatically backing up your files?

P.S. Please note that Wholly Genes does not answer this forum ever since they closed on July 29, 2014.  Some of us dedicated users of TMG volunteer to try to answer this forum as long as the forum stays on-line.

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