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  1. I didn’t see my specific problem in the other “locked” problems, so I’ll address my problem here. Yesterday, I was working on a person, editing a tag. I had to leave it abruptly, and it was running all night in that mode. Today I went to continue to use it and it is locked up. Apparently it was backed up to a zip read only file. How did that happen if I didn’t do that? How can I fix it? This program is on a computer that never goes on line for anything other than updates. I have another computer for on-line use. Can any one give me directions on how to fix this?
  2. Thank you Janis for both your replies. I’ll do as you suggest.
  3. I could not find answer to my problem in the searches I used, so I am starting a new question. 1. I recently found a Family project that had been lost a long time on an old thumb drive due to mislabeling it. I would like to transfer this Family project back into the TMG program so that I can make a GEDCOM to transfer this family to a new genealogy program. But I’ve been recently told, that I could run a parallel on the Apple that would allow a Windows program to work there, but I don’t know how to do this. I have an Apple Mini Mac and when my husband bought it for me, he had it divided into two portions with Apple in one and Windows in the other. I have pretty much transitioned into the Apple and though I have tried once or twice to use the Windows portion, I found it awkward. I have to totally leave Apple and Open Windows, and doing this takes forever. I would prefer to access it better through Apple. Thus my dilemma. Can anyone understand what I want to do? Is there any help? 2. Also I can’t seem to restore the thumb drive onto the TMG program on the Windows computer. I’m not very tech savvy so please be kind. My hubby was the techy, but due to his age and memory loss he can no longer help me. Also computer terminology is not my strong point. ;-)
  4. Ok, something strange happened between my mishap yesterday and my writing this help query, and today, when List of..... has "mysteriously" reappeared in the Report menu. It was totally gone after my mishap and I was sure I'd really done something horrible. I even rebooted the program, and it still wasn't there. I will not be distressed now that it has "fixed" itself. Or, I am really going blind. Sorry for the panic button ......., but I thank you for the quick reply...
  5. I was trying to follow instructions of Michael Hannah which was posted on 1 May 2017 regarding making a list of a citation containing only a certain set of people. He was trying to help rigleason51 who asked the question on that same date. "List of people Source Report." I found, that I could also use these instructions to isolate just 5 people from one citation. However, something happened, the program crashed, kept asking me to make a decisions of many "things" I had no idea what to hit. So, I aborted the program, and all my data seemingly came back, except when I went to look under the Tools bar for the List of.... it wasn't there. How can I fix this? I thought I had Gold Edition version 9, but when I went to look it says it's version 8.08.0000.
  6. I've got version 8, and we would like to make an Ancestor Box Chart, showing just my husband direct Thomas line. I have them separated in the project manager, but then can't seem to find the place to mark on the Ancestor Box Chart, to just show those twelve ancestors. He would like to show just his direct ancestors to send to his DNA group to help find links.
  7. One-page-charts

    I'm trying to create a box chart between my husband and the furthest ancestor in one family line only. How can I do that? I have created a direct line in the Project Explore, but can't seem to get only that line to produce a one page chart. Need help please.
  8. Read Only?

    Today I transferred my TMG program from an XP computer which was giving me problems to a newer Windows 7 computer. Everything transferred seemingly ok, but it seems I cannot add to existing data. I can add a new tag and enter data on it, but cannot add onto an existing tag. Also, everything seems intact in the narrative report. Have I inadvertently restored it by checking/not checking a read only button? And can I fix this somehow? My Windows 7 computer does not have microsoft word on it, as I was using it for another purpose when I bought it, not intending to have to use it for TMG. Would this have anything to do with my original problem?
  9. I tried both a Doc and RTF and got the same error code #6.
  10. Thanks for you patience Virginia. >>I found a similar error msg reported from an earlier TMG version; the solution in that case was to run TMG as an administrator: >>Rightclick on the desktop TMG icon, select Properties / Compatibility / Privilege level - run this program as an administrator. I don't have a "Privilage level" listed. What shows up is: Compatibility modes; which is grayed out and only shows older versions of Windows, than my XP. display settings (mostly colors) and Input settings. I couldn't find anyplace to tell me to run as administrator. >>You did not say what output you were using for the reports - preview, Word, PDF. . . . ? Do you have a default printer selected I'm trying to output to preview, then to print from there if I'm satisfied with the way the report looks. Yes, using windows default printer.
  11. Sorry for the delay in answering you. My other life took over my time. G. I took the time and tried the whole list of reports and they all failed with the same "Conversion error #6: One or more errors in configuation file." EXCEPT the following: These worked as they should: Ancestor Box Chart Audit Descendant Box Chart Descendant Indented Narrative Individual Narrative Journal Pedigree Relationship Chart DThom
  12. I did as instructed above, about three time and still got the same error message each time. DThom
  13. I get this error code when trying to print a Family Group Sheet. I've tried sending a report to you, but apparently you didn't get one, as I've not heard from you. When I go to print the FGS, a box comes up with "Conversion Error #6: One or more errors in configuration file". What should I do? I'm using Vers. 8.2 on an XP windows system. DThom
  14. Creating my own sentence

    P. S. I'm using the new version 8.2.