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Exhibit folder not where it should be

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I just noticed that, somehow, my exhibit folder is not where I would choose for it to be. It is buried under my genealogy folders

c:\Genealogy\Schreiner\MichaelShreiner_Fix\JohnSchreiner_Coby\MartinSchreinerAnnaKrupp\AnthonySchreiner_Westrick\MarcellaKSchreinerMead\CharlesMead3_Crawmer\                                             In examining the files, I notice a lot of files without an extension.

1. How can I move the exhibit folder?

2. What are the files with no file extension on them?                                                    


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1. Typically, the file extensions are not displayed on a new Windows installation. You need to enable showing extensions in the File Explorer options.

View / Options / View tab

2. Your TMG exhibits can be located wherever you choose.

Use File Explorer to move the exhibits to your chosen location.

Run TMG and use File / Maintenance / Validate File Integrity to relink the exhibits. (This only works if each exhibit file has a unique name.)

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