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duplicate photos in narrative descendant report

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I use TMG 9 and WORD for Windows (latest version)

When I generate a narrative report and output it to Word, including the individual-linked photos, I get a perfect report, with all whistles and bells, footnotes etc., BUT the word output replaces ALL the  pictures of a given individual by the first picture of that individual. So I get # duplicate pictures of the individual above his name. 

I guess it has maybe something to do with the version of Word, but I am not sure.

Have you ever been confronted to this issue?

And do you have an advice on how to solve this?

Kind regards, and thank you for maintaining the spirit of TMG alive.


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Hi Oliver,

Sorry I did not see your question earlier on the TMG list.  That was the better place to post, and I have answered there.

Since Wholly Genes ceased monitoring this list in 2014 few users post here and only a few of us users still try to answer questions here. Most posts here focus on system problems actually trying to run TMG.


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