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Jim Byram

v6.03.000-Known issues

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Please do not respond to this topic.


If you need to discuss one of the issues below, please start a new topic.


Since the release of v6.03.000, several issues have been reported by the user community on this forum and on TMG-L. Some of these issues were covered in TMG v6 forum topics that have been lost. I just wanted to list those issues, that I'm aware of, so that they don't need to be reported again. These have been reported in bug submissions and passed on to the developers.


1) There are several Expanded Picklist items being worked on by the developers. These include a "grayout" or "freezing" or "lockup" issue when using the Expanded Picklist to select individuals.


2) When adding a wife with Add Person and having the Name-Marr tag automatically created following the Add Person process, any citations created for the Name-Marr tag are duplicated.


3) There remains one case of the expanded memo losing any text additions/edits when the expanded memo is saved. This happens when you open a Relationship tag and hit F7 to expand the memo field.


Work-around -- To avoid this text loss, click into the memo field before expanding it with F7 or expand the field by clicking on the [Memo] button.


4) The conditional brackets do not work for the father [FATH] and mother [MOTH] sentence variables. Even with the conditionals, the "unknown person" phrase appears.


5) The scroll bar on the read-only memo field on the Data Set Manager screen doesn't work.


Note -- To edit the Data Set memo, click the [Edit] button.


6) Prompts appear under floating toolbars.

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