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Move/Copy Source or Source Type?

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Is it possible to move/copy a source or a customized source type from one data set to another data set?


I am using TMG v6.0 under Windows XP Pro SP2.


Imagine, if you will, a neophyte TMG user (let's refer to this user by the initials ME).


ME has a project with two data sets in it.

ME painstakingly creates a new customized source type in this project and then adds a new source using this new source type.

It is at this point that ME realizes that a) sources and source types are not shared between data sets and B) the new source and source type are in the wrong data set.


I have looked for an answer to this question in the TMG User Guide, TMG help, TMG Utility, by searching the Internet (GOOGLE), and by searching in this



Since one can perform the much more complicated task of moving/copying PEOPLE from one data set to another, there seems to be no reason why one should not be able to move/copy a source or a customized source type. The code has already been written to do the job. It is a subtask of the move/copy person

function. Therefore, I suspect that I simply have not yet found the right button(s) to push to accomplish the task.


Any help would be appreciated.


p.s. I find it amusing that clicking on the Spell Check button after composing a post in THIS forum flags "TMG" for correction.

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For two data sets within a single project, probably the easiest way to copy tag types is to create a person, attach a tag of that type, and copy the person to the other data set. Likewise, one can attach a citation using the source type, and do the same.


The trouble it takes to do this as one creates new tag and source types is one of the major reasons I don't recommend keeping separate working data sets. :)

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