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Lorna Henderson

Merge screen showing non primary names

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I first noticed this occasionally (well once <g>) in 6.02, but have just documented a case in 6.03 as well.

VFI/Optimise etc didn't change the end result.

(I noticed it when I went to merge, exited the merge, did the maintenance routines, then tried again, taking these snapshots from the post VFI db)


See attached for example.


Note primary name of the mother of the person being merged.

Shows surname as SINTON on his PV, and LINTON on the lhs merge screen

Both are Name-var tags for the mother, with SINTON as the primary one, although the LINTON one was primary until recently.


In 6.02, from memory, it was the married name of a daughter that showed up instead of her primary maiden name.


(Can't seem to upload this message with the attachment)

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