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Paste/Copy bug?

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I have an intermittent problem with pasting to Date and Place fields. Using XP2 and a MS wireless mouse & keyboard I cannot always get a copy paste from say, a website to a Date or Place field, though I can get the same Paste to "take" in the Memo field even when it has just failed in another field.

I have tried Ctrl C Ctrl V etc. still with no luck, as I say, the problem is intermittent and only seems to occur within TMG.

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The only time I've seen this is when the copied text includes a line break before the actual desired text.


Don't think its that, because the dates & places I tend to copy are from the NEHGS site and are often from a column, or from the LDS site. I <think> this problem has only crept in in V6 because I have been doing the same thing since TMG went over to Windows without any snag. I hadn't raised the problem earlier because I thought it might be a wireless problem but I now know that is unlikely.

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