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Bob Velke

How to use polls

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(originally posted in the Practice Forum)

This is a very slick feature and very user friendly. 


How do the moderators see using this feature ...or do they see using it at all? 

We have no particular plans for polls. Maybe we will be inspired some day :D . Or since users know it is available, maybe they will suggest a good time to use it.

For example, I might be interested in knowing what percentage of folks use custom sentences or Second Site or when they go to a library what techno tools do they take with them or.....well you get the idea. 

Yes but there is an art to designing a good multiple-choice poll without introducing subtle indicators of personal bias or skewing the results through the wording of the choices or the unavailability of other choices.

I certainly understand that there is nothing statistically merit worthy in the percentages, because people who would be actively llooking at this forum will have certain characteristics that are not shared by other users of TMG who aren't using the forum.

Yes, that why I've said elsewhere that I don't think that polls are a good way of developing feature wish lists, for instance.

What about a question of the month?

That's an interesting idea provided that it is designed by users and for users in order to get to know each other better, how you use the software, etc., and with the understanding that the responents will be limited to those who are experienced enough to access and answer an online poll :bugeye:


If I get a volunteer to run it for a while, I'd be willing to set up a special section called "Poll of the Month" to which only that person (moderator of that section) can start a poll but anyone can respond. The monthly polls can be archived there too so we can all review the results. And those who come in late can still vote on older polls (one vote per person per poll, of course) unless the moderator has chosen to "close" a poll for some reason.


The section heading can also have an button for those who want to suggest future polls to the moderator.


If you'd like to volunteer to be a moderator of the new section, please click on the button just below this message to send a (P)rivate (M)ail to me, including the question and answers that you propose for the first poll.



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