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mark dickson

Indenting Bio tag text in a journal report

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I'm trying to produce several journal reports that include biographical summaries of select individuals. The information is currently stored in the "memo" field of either a "Bio" or a "Mil-Beg" tag. What I prefer to have TMG do is display the biographical summary at the end of the individual's entry and that it be indented. So far, what I've been able to do is enter the text in the memo field, and then manually enter tabs and carriage returns, ensuring that each line of text fits. This a tedious process and results in a memo field that looks like this:


[:TAB:][:TAB:]"... Judge George W. Dickson, a native of Miami County, Ohio, born February 1, 1820.

[:TAB:][:TAB:] His father, William Dickson, was born in South Carolina, June 3, 1798, and his mother,


Is there any way to indent a block (paragraph) of text to avoid this?

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