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Is there some way of excluding Living people when exporting to a gedcom file through TMG?

Yes, at least two ways. :)


First, on Step 5 of the Export Wizard, there is an option to "Suppress details on living people." If you choose this option, people whose Living Flag is set to Y or ? will be named, but none of their details (that is birth dates, etc.) will be included.


If you want living (or any other set of) people totally excluded, it takes a couple of additional steps. Here's how:


1. Open the Project Explorer, and click the Filter (funnel) button.


2. On the filter screen, enter:

 LIVING	= equal	 N	END

Click OK to close the Filter screen.


3. In the Project Explorer, you will now see only those who are marked as living with the Living flag. Using standard Windows techniques, select everyone ... click on the top person, scroll to the bottom person, and hold Shift while clicking on the last person.


4. Now open the Export wizard, and at Step 4, choose "Selected people in the Project Explorer."


Both methods depend on correct settings of the Living Flag. By default it's set to ?, but TMG automatically sets it to N if you enter a Death tag, or if there is a Birth tag with a date which would make the person older than the assumed lifespan set in Preferences (110 years by default). You can manually change the flag to mark others as not living if you choose.

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