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Narrative report

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Just started using TMG 6 (UK) today so bear with me.

When I print a Narrative report to screen it appears as a single paragraph of continious sentences. What I would like to see is each Tag subject on a new line. There are 24 Tags in the the Report I am trying to produce.

Some Tags have Memos included so they should remain as a paragraph but can it be arranged so that the next Tag starts on a new line?


Tom Gray

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Hello Tom,


Having your event start on a new paragraph is controlled by the sentence. You may wish to do a global change of the sentence, this is done by:


clicking on the menu item Tools and selectiong Master Tag Type List

locate the event on the left, highlight it

hit the Edit button

the Tag Type Definition Window opens

click on the Roles and Sentences tab

add two carriage returns [:CR:] [:CR:] to the beginning of the sentence


If you need further instructions, please write me at dorothyt@whollygenes.com

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