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Posted 01 September 2004 - 09:37 AM

One feature I love about TMG 5.0 is that you can create an unlimited number of names for a person. At times, I want to add information to the name, that I want to print in reports, but I would prefer for that information to not show up in my indexes.

For instance: I include the age of the person in my census name tags.
So I might have the following names for a person.
Betty Doe (age 3) in 1870 census
Betty Doe (age 12) in 1880 census
Elizabeth Smith (age 33) in 1900 census.

On my index, I only want the name of the person without the age, like this.
Doe, Betty
Smith, Elizabeth

This is very easy to get in TMG 5.0. First you need to create a new name style.
I have one for each census year, but this isn't necessary. (I just like it that way. ;) )
On my OUTPUT TEMPLATE, the output is: [Enumerated Name] [Surname] [age on census] on 1870 census
This will print "Betty Doe (age 3) on 1870" census in my reports.

And on the SURNAME DISPLAY TEMPLATE, the output is [Surname], [Enumerated Name]. This then displays on my index as Doe, Betty.

Another way I use this is for wills. The name in the report might be Betty Doe, (daughter of James Smith). But the name in the index will be Doe, Betty.

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