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How to append individuals from FTW database simply

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How do I fully append 100 individuals from someones's FTW database?

1. I imported the FTW into a new TMG dataset and cited the source globally, cleaned up things a bit, etc.

2. I merged that dataset (Berwick) with my dataset (Miller). But the individuals all had numbers starting with "2: " and I couldn't quote a source in the the Miller data from the Berwick dataset.

3. I used the dataset manager to Merge again and now the numbers are all "1: " and I can site my sources like normal.

But I still see that the second dataset exists in the dataset manager. Why won't it just append the people and go away?


See screenshot at http://web.tampabay.rr.com/millerj/screenshot.jpg


Wallrich Muller and descendents were imported, cited source globally, and appended as "candidate".




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I think you will find my article on Merging Projects and Data Sets explains what is happening, and what you need to do to finish the process.


I suspect you actually imported the FTW database into a new Project, not into a new Data Set. If you aren't clear on the difference my article on that subject (link in second paragraph of the above article) may help.

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