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TMG and Vista Compatability

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Sorry this is so long winded.

My old PC used Win XP SP2 and I have recently bought a new laptop with Vista Ultimate as the OS.

I used an easy transfer cable to move all my files from the old to the new but it does not transfer the actual programme. This meant I had to re-install TMG v 6 UK Gold Edition and unlock it with the serial number which it did but I then had to apply the updates from V6. 09 to V 6.12. That seems to be where everything went haywire.

Firstly it would not allow me to get the update via the “Check for Updates” function so I had to go to the Wholly Genes site and download them from there. I followed the instructions to the letter and the system told me I was installing the UK version and was not applicable. I knew it was the UK version of the update as I took particular care to down load the correct file. I tried several times and eventually they seemed to install but when trying to open TMG I got an error message saying Access denied which after clicking on the Ignore option (three times) opened TMG. I then restored the back up of my project which I had saved.

I then started to get Missing file messages by the dozen when starting and closing TMG and odd screen displays like duplicated tag lines the person view of TMG which I know are not duplicates. Moving to another person and back again seems to solve that particular issue. Reports do not function properly. I ran an old report which was 7 pages long and got less than half a page.

I tried to send a message to technical support using the function from within TMG but the page you get to copy and paste to your word processor was missing so I typed and sent one. No response so far.

It was obvious something was wrong and I went through the process of uninstalling and re-installing with much the same results. In the forum for the UK version I came across a message with a link to an article by Jim Byram dated 24-Mar-2007 which gave a fresh download file for V6.12 and various work around suggestions. After trawling through other forums I cannot find any further information on help with TMG and Vista and TMG is still not working properly on my PC.


Is there a fix for this issue? Are there other sites which may have more information on resolving these issues?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Tom Gray.

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I just think that you need to uninstall, delete the installation folder, and do a clean re-install using the v6.12 installer. If you install and WinVista wants to reinstall TMG6, let it do it. Then set your shortcut to run as administrator as I described before you make any attempt to run the program.


And please locate your data outside of the Program Files tree. Once you run, set the projects path in Preferences appropriately. And when you restore projects, set the Current Project Options paths in Preferences for each project.


I've been running TMG6 under WinVista for almost a year now and using v6.12 and following my suggestions in the tmgandwinvista document will resolve almost any issue likely to be encountered.

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