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Attaching or hyperlinking to an Excel File

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I have an excel file set up that tracks all the census years for any individual starting with 1790 through 1930. I have hyperlinked from the file to jpeg files of the actual census. I would like to be able to link from an event in TMG to this excel file. Can one insert hyperlinks in TMG?? I also use Second Site to create my website, can I include the link in that utility? Thanks so much for any info.

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You can add the Excel file as a text exhibit for the event. TMG won't include that exhibit in reports, but it will launch the file for you if you open the exhibit.


Second Site creates links to such exhibits. Clicking the link essentially asks the browser to download the file. What happens after that depends on the browser and its ability to handle the file. Some browsers will only download the file, others will ask the OS to open it. The OS may open it with the Excel program or with a stand-in such as OpenOffice.

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