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Roy Sprunger

How to Search for Key Phrases?

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I have been out of touch with TMG & Wholly Genes for awhile, but have a renewed interest. I recently upgraded TMG and SS. So, I have been searching through the TMG Archives on RootsWeb, my old e-mail messages, and I had thought to use this forum as well. But, that has turned out to be counter-productive more than half the time.


Where most forums I visit, especially regarding computer hardware & software, allow me to specify whole and exact search phrases, this forum does not. There is no help and no way to search for a four word phrase. I frequently search for phrases based on TMG dialog boxes and information screens, such as "word processor conversion engine". In this forum, the search engine searches for every instance of every word, which is useless for my purposes.


When will Wholly Genes Community upgrade their forum software to permit exact phrase searches? I would rather get no hits, than a bunch of useless and meaningless hits.





Roy Sprunger


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Did you try adding quotes around words to make phrases? That seemed to work for me, but I only did a couple test queries.


Hi John,


Problem solved after they upgraded the forum software. Searching is much more robust now.


Take care.





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