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PAF Import Problem

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A researcher has sent me a PAF file of 7693 people and I am unable to import it. I have tried both Simple and Advanced import and get the same results.


The Import starts, and I get the error' Declare DLL call causes an exception 114Paf4MAIN. On the first attempt at importing I 'Ignored' many times and got as far as 'Import Other Information' when error 134PAF MAIN appeared.


Would someone please tell me how to import the file and explain what is going on?


Pat Dunbar

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Please do the PAF import from the Welcome window and not from File / Import. This is a known bug with the PAF import.


If the Welcome window is not turned on...

File / Preferences / Program Options / Startup and Exit / check 'Show Welcome window'

Exit the program and restart to bring up the Welcome window.


You should be able to use the Simple Import Wizard. There is little need to use the Advanced Import Wizard with the PAF import.


If you still have trouble importing the PAF database, post that here and I'll ask you to contact me directly.

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Many thanks - the PAF file imported without problems from the Welcome window.


I have had several attempts to post this, so please excuse me if you get more than one response from me.


Kind regards,


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