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Got started in geneology for 40 years ago. Started on computer with ROOTS I program when there were not any hard drives. Keep up with all their upgrades, then went ot the Ultimate Family Tree when ROOTS died, Then Family Tree maker when UFT died. In my opinion FTM has died for the serious geneologist with the new 2008 version. I want and need something for the serious geneologist. Few questions about how your program compares to the Family Tree maker version 16:

1. How easy will my FTM ver 16 file down load into your program? I have lots of photo's and documents, and many hours into narratives about my individuals lives.

2. FTM ver 16 has a very good search engine going to Geneology.com and Ancestry.com for those with subscriptions looking and gradeing matches. Does your product have same ease of use?

3. I'm heavy into publishing books with ancestry trees, Ancestory Geneology reports (Naratives mentioned in item 1. above). Can I assume you have the same capability to generate books to be printed on my color printer.

4. Currently I have to down load my books into MS Word to be able to insert all the pictures and copies of documents. Naturally when I do this and expand the reports it kills the index. Does you program help me with this problem?


B Kreuter

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