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Terry Reigel

Sending Reports to a Word Processor

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The Gold Editon of TMG can create reports in the native file formats of many word processors. Creating your reports as word processor files allow editing and further formatting in the word processor before printing or transmitting it by e-mail. Some users have questions about how to send reports to file - the following outline may help:


Decide where on your computer you want the word processor files created. By default, they are placed in the "Reports" folder, under the folder where TMG is installed. That works, but I think that makes the reports harder to find if you want to open them again later. I'd suggest placing them in either "My Documents" or a sub-folder you create under My Documents.


The easiest way to change the folder used is to open Preferences (File menu) and select the Current Project Options > Advanced screen. The last of the five fields at the top is for the Reports folder. Click on the [...] button, and in the Select Folder screen that opens, find the folder you want to use, select it, and Click Select, then OK.


Specify the report is to "Print" to a word processor file. Open the report definition screen for the report you want to use, from the Reports menu. (You will need to repeat this process for each different report type you want to send to your word processor).


In the lower box, labeled "Print to:" choose "File." Next to that, click on the drop-down list for "File Type:" and scroll down that list to your word processor. For example, if you use MS Word, find the entries for "Word for Windows." So far as I know, it doesn't matter a lot which version you choose, but I'd avoid one later than the version of Word you have. ("Word for Windows v8" is Word 97.) I've used older versions with Word97 and had no problems, except if you edit the file in Word and save it, Word will ask if you want to change to the later format - just say "Yes."


Next, in the "File name" screen, where it will say somethink like "*.DOC," replace the "*" with a name of your choosing. I always use a generic name, like "Ancestors" or Descendants" or "IN" so I don't have to change the name each time I run the report. Then, if it's a report I want to save, once I've opened it in my word processor I use File > Save As to save it under a more descriptive name.


Finally, (after you've set the desired subject in the box at the top) click "Print & Save" to save your modified report definition, and "print" the report to the file. When it's done, TMG will offer to open the report in your word processor. You can do that, or open your word processor manually and open it.

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